Month 2-3

These months have sped by, each week keeps getting busier and busier – I have now experienced my first earthquake, danced in front of the school, started workshops, travelled through more of Chile, been to a gig, taught classes of 40 students on my own and a lot more… The month kicked off with the … More Month 2-3

Week 2-4

It’s only the first few weeks of my gap year and the country already feels like home. Our house and area, the people, the landscape, the city. It’s like I’ve lived here for months already, not just a few weeks. This blog post has been getting postponed for weeks, each day I planned on uploading … More Week 2-4

Day 2-4

It’s been 3 months since I finished school back in Scotland. Now I find myself on the other side of the picture…myself as a teacher…except on the other side of the planet! On Sunday morning me and my partner, Matt, were greeted by our lovely host, Roxanna. It was at that moment when Matt and … More Day 2-4

Day 1

Leaving the area you have lived in for 17 years feels weird. The everyday people you see, the roads you walk through, the environment that you have become accustomed to for most of your life…seeing it all go by for the last time as if you’ll see it again the next day. It’s going to … More Day 1